Who We Are

Artisan Financial Planning is the advisory firm focused on professional musicians, performing artists and creatives. You deserve a financial planner that understands your world and your unique challenges.

Pursue your passion and career in music while building a strong financial foundation for you and your family.

Our clients are musicians and other creative professionals who are busy getting ready for their next performance. They often do not get around to focusing on their finances.

I am here to help. I am your personal money coach to provide advice and support so you can “follow your muse” and live your life not worrying about your money.

Flat Fee Model

While there is a low-fee movement underway in the financial advisor world, conflicts of interest, questionable incentives, and high expenses/minimums are still the norm.

I recognized a need for transparent and unbiased advice for a musician’s financial planning and investment decisions. This is why I created a firm that does not sell any products beyond our advice and at fees that are clear and straightforward.

The flat fee model provides transparency and a fundamental alignment of values between the client and advisor. You deserve excellent, clear and unbiased advice that is focused on your best interests alone. This is especially important as you prepare for major life decisions including when to retire and how to provide for your loved ones. 

Read more about the flat fee model here.

I made these unique choices with the goal of providing musicians and other creative professionals a high level of service at a reasonable price. 

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and owner of Artisan Financial Planning LLC, a flat fee fiduciary financial planning and investment management firm.

After spending a career as an orchestral musician, I offer professional musicians, performing artists and creatives personalized comprehensive financial planning and investment management from a real-life perspective of having faced the same kinds of challenges as other performing artists including a career-ending disability.

Brian Rood is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional (CFP® professional), an Accredited Domestic Partnership Advisor™, a CCFC practitioner, and holds the CBDA Certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets®.

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Serving You As a Fiduciary

I am a fiduciary to you, my client. This means that I:

  • Put your interests first
  • Act with prudence
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Disclose and manage all conflicts of interest

Here is how being a fiduciary affects the service you will receive from me:

  • I do not accept kickbacks, commissions or referral fees 
  • Although I make every effort to minimize conflicts of interest, if were one to occur I would disclose it to you clearly
  • I must follow the fiduciary standard 100% of the time I serve you and for as long as you are a client
  • I perform due diligence to uncover what is in your best interest and not only suitable
  • You need to have someone in your corner who is a fiduciary. You may have other people in your financial life but you need to have that one person who is fully committed to you, and I am that person.

Simply put, I can provide un-compromised, unbiased advice in the best interests of my clients at all times. I would have it no other way! 

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